first trimester tips for husbands

First Trimester Tips for Husbands and Partners: 3 Thing You Need to Know

Is your partner pregnant? Have no idea what to do now? Start with these 3 must-know first trimester tips for husbands and partners.

The first trimester has so many new challenges to tackle. It is easily the least favorite trimester of most moms between the hormones and morning (all day) sickness, but with these first trimester tips for husbands and partners, you’ll be able to start supporting her in the best ways possible.

first trimester tips for husbands

Prepare for mood swings during the first trimester

Even if this pregnancy was long-awaited and planned, there are a lot of emotions that come up during the first trimester. So one of the most essential first trimester tips for husbands and partners is to be ready for it.

Pregnancy hormones bring a lot of emotions during the first trimester

Mood swings are super common in the first trimester due to surges in estrogen and progesterone, which happens to be the same thing that causes morning sickness. Lovely, right?

Think of it like PMS on steroids. There are so many feels that are purely due to the chemicals coursing through a pregnant woman’s body.

Speaking from experience, she’ll be able to deal with it for the most part once accustomed to it, but be on the lookout. If you notice more mood swings than normal, know it’s probably just the hormones talking. Don’t give your partner a hard time about it, being supportive of moods is one of the essential first trimester tips for husbands and partners.

Becoming a mom is a big adjustment in the first trimester

It’s one thing to want to be a mom, and another to actually be becoming a mom.

Women have a bajillion different reactions to the fact that they are truly pregnant and have a human growing inside of them. Sometimes it’s blissful, and sometimes it’s not. Usually, it’s all and everything in between.

I’ve heard people say a woman becomes a mom when she finds out she’s pregnant, but a dad doesn’t become a dad until the baby is born. To some extent, I think that is true as a generality.

While the pregnancy will have some impact on the pregnant person’s partner, it just isn’t the same as the person actually going through all the physical and emotional changes. It takes a minute to adapt. So while you may be processing, it is one of the most essential first trimester tips for husbands and partners to remember they are too.

The first trimester can be scary when you’re pregnant

The biggest fear for most pregnant moms? Losing the baby.

During the first trimester is when miscarriage is most likely, which is why a lot of people wait to announce pregnancies. (Though telling some close friends/family might be a good idea in case support is needed.)

That first trimester is such a hard wait. Although miscarriages and stillbirths do happen after the first trimester, there’s this feeling of being “safe” once you get past that 12-week mark.

So just now that she is probably spending a lot of time worrying, even if it’s just a small thought in the back of her mind.

Don’t comment on body changes during the first trimester

Most women won’t start “showing” before around 12-16 weeks, or the second trimester.

The uterus and baby bump hasn’t risen above the pelvis yet during the first trimester. So if your baby mama is starting to look a little bigger in the belly, it’s probably not actually a baby bump yet… it’s bloating.

It can be a bit awkward as a mom to have people comment on how you’re showing if you know it isn’t really even a baby bump. Keeping any thoughts and opinions on her body to yourself is a good tip anytime, and especially one of the best first trimester tips for husbands and partners.

What could make her appear to be showing?

The not-so-sexy answer is probably bloating. Though there are other reasons someone might “show” a little earlier than 12 weeks, in my experience it’s really just bloating.

Besides bloating it is possible that she’s showing early because her due date is wrong, or maybe there are even multiple babies in there! (I had twins in my second pregnancy, and I looked really pregnant just two months in)

Have morning sickness remedies on hand

Around 85% of women will get nausea and morning sickness during pregnancy. Though really it can be ALL DAY sickness.

The first trimester is SO FREAKING HARD for a lot of people. It’s just exhausting and emotionally draining to feel sick for 3 months straight.

For me, I end up having a delightful mix of nausea, acid reflux, exhaustion, and smell sensitivity. I kind of wanna puke just reminiscing about it.

So be proactive!

Have some remedies on hand, or at least in the back of your mind, and ready to go for when she needs something ASAP. Being prepared is one of the most important first trimester tips for husbands and partners.

FAQ’s for husbands and partners during the first trimester

How can I help my partner during first trimester?

Listen to them. First and foremost, pay attention to their needs and be there for them. Sometimes you can actually do anything to help, but you can listen to them express their feelings. Then do what they ask. Seriously, pregnancy and the first trimester is such a vulnerable time, you don’t need any arguing and questioning. If she needs you to go grab some antacids at the store at 12am… just do it.

Can crying and stress affect unborn baby?

Yes, and no. The normal mood swings of pregnancy are not harmful to an unborn baby. But major life changes and the stress associated with them, like a death in the family or a similarly traumatic event, can increase the risk of preterm labor or birth according to studies. So no worries if she’s just a bit extra emotional, but if there are seriously stressful events happening do your best to ease the stress as much as possible.

When should I start talking to my baby in the womb?

Around 18 weeks your baby will begin to be able to hear what’s happening outside the womb. But you can begin as soon as you want!

Why is my wife so crazy during pregnancy?

One of the most important first trimester tips for husbands and partners… don’t tell her you think she’s acting crazy. Seriously, just don’t. But, mood swings are a normal side effect of the changes in hormones happening during the first trimester. If you are truly concerned that she may need help, then by all means have a conversation with her and her doctor/midwife. But if it’s just a bit of mood swings, then just support her the best you can.

Check out this post where I lay out my top first trimester essentials, including the absolute BEST MORNING SICKNESS REMEDIES. Then let me which of these first trimester morning tips for husbands (and partners) was helpful in the comments.

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