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If you’re ready to find the woman you know is hiding inside, even in the midst of the chaos of motherhood… you’re in the right place.

I expected to be a career woman. I expected to be the breadwinner. I expected to be a good feminist and carry that lady boss flag throughout the world.

Then I had a daughter.

I fed her and nourished her and comforted her with my own body. Many days (and nights) I was the only thing that would please her.

And then came along my boys. Twins.

Through my marriage, motherhood, career, life, relationships… I’ve learned countless lessons and was then tested on those lessons multiple times.

It’s hard. It’s easy. It’s silly. It’s serious. It’s fun. It’s terrifying.

It’s motherhood. There is nothing messier. 

There is nothing more beautiful.

The purpose of this blog is to help women connect with motherhood. To learn to trust their instincts.

In a time of always needing to defer to “experts,” I say fuck that.

There is wisdom that has been passed down in our DNA and souls. In the very fiber of our beings is what we really need to be a great mom.

Confidence and trust in ourselves and community.

What would the world look like if we actually supported moms instead of shamed them?

What if we helped women trust their bodies to birth and nourish children?

What if we helped women leave that shitty marriage?

What if we helped women finally start that blog?

What if we got women to step out of their comfort zones?

What if we didn’t wait until we were empty nesters to live?

Dream big Mama. Time to MomUp.

What does MomUp mean? Well start by thinking of what man up means and then add a dash of femininitity, a little more grit, a lot more beauty, some more toughness.

We are women who don’t wait.

We are trailblazers.

We are moms.

We are uprising.

Hey there Mama!

I’m Morgan, and besides being the proud mother of a 5-year-old girl and twin 2-year-old boys, I’m a writer, podcaster and owner of a boutique social media management agency.

This picture just about sums up my day to day. Breastfeeding, momming surrounded by a mess and the joyous shrieks of my daughter and husband horsing around. #livingthedream