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6 Self-Care Blogs Moms Should Follow

In a bit of a self-care rut and need some inspo? These 6 self-care blogs will give you a little push to get yourself back into some super helpful self-care practices that work for you.

I thought my self-care game was on point, but just perusing through these self-care blogs I realized I was dropping the ball on myself in some areas (especially in the self-criticism and having unrealistic expectations of myself).

Reading tips and stories from others who have been there is so helpful in creating self-care strategies and routines that work for us. So check out these awesome self-care blogs and let us know your fav in the comments!

(FYI, there are a few affiliate links below to products I love and support.)

self-care blogs

Dana Skoglund

Dana is my go-to self-care guru because she has the most practical advice that you can actually implement and sustain. She’s a mom too, so she gets how stressful motherhood can be (on top of running her business!). Dana helps women create habits and routines in their life that fuel them to have more ease and joy in their lives.

The Zen Teacher

I have been following Dan Tricarico at the Zen Teacher for years, and he is always sharing some serious gems on self-care.

Dan has been a high school teacher for over 25 years and helps teachers avoid burnout through self-care. But even if you aren’t a teacher, his blog and book are totally worth taking a look for you too.

The Blissful Mind

From journal prompts to self-care strategies, this blog is a great resource for moms to get started on their self-care journey.

The blog was started in 2014, and focuses on mindset, self-care, and productivity.

Self-Care with Gracy

I love the way Gracy writes her blog posts in a way that is both really personable AND helpful. They’re not just the boring old how-to’s, but have a sense of humanity to them too. (Did I mention she also has podcast episodes and interviews to binge too?)

She’s a mom and self-care coach, among many things, but I especially loved what she had to say about weight loss and self-care on the blog.

Carley Schweet

Carley has lots of posts to check out and a podcast. Plenty of really helpful and practical tips for incorporating emotional self-care into your life.

I also totally related to her story about being a people pleaser. What else can relate?

Self-Care by Aisha

Aisha focuses on helping professional women avoid burning out, and I know there are some working mamas out there who need that help!

Her website includes interviews/podcasts with experts about how managing digital distractions is important for self-care.

What is a self-care blog?

Self-care blogs, like the ones I recommend here are treasure troves of info on how to create and sustain a self-care practice.

What are the 8 areas of self-care?

The 8 types of self-care are physical, intellectual, professional, financial, spiritual, social, environmental, and emotional self-care. I dive into six of these in this post.

What does self-care really look like?

An image of spa days might come to mind when thinking of self-care, but in real life, it is more practical than that. Self-care is about making sure you’re drinking enough water, getting sleep, maintaining boundaries, going to therapy when needed, finding a career you love, and much more. But it will look slightly different for everyone, and you’ll have to dig deep to find out what you really need to include in your self-care practice.

Ready to get your self-care game back on point, mama? How did these self-care blogs inspire you to finally put yourself first? Let us know in the comments below, and read my story about how I started my own self-care practice that is 100% practical.

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