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Want More Sex After Kids? Try These 6 Awesome Tips.

Having sex after kids can be a little tricky. Postpartum can be a rough time, you’re busy and exhausted, and maybe not feeling comfy in your body yet. But if you want to get it on a little more, here are some tips for dipping your toes back into the sexy waters again.

Healing postpartum, busy schedules, the sheer exhaustion of having kids, and more can all lead to parents having just about zero sex after kids. While sex isn’t the only thing that makes a relationship work, it can help with intimacy. We all go through sex slumps, and that’s fine, but sometimes it also leads to a slump in the relationship as well because we forget to prioritize bonding time.

Sex is one of the ways that couples cement the relationship and continue to build trust with each other. Not to mention it is super fun!

So let’s brainstorm some ways on how to have more sex after kids.

sex after kids

Start sexting with your partner again

Sometimes the last thing you feel like doing after a long day of work or a long day chasing kids around is gettin’ busy with your significant other. But you can inject some heat into the relationship by sending sexy texts throughout the day. 

If you are new to sexting it might feel awkward at first, but eventually, you figure out what works for you and your partner to really amp up the vibes in your sex life. When you’re trying to have sex after kids, sometimes a little virtual sex will have to do.

This is also awesome when you might not literally be able to have sex. Maybe you are away from each other for work, or you’re still not healed from birth, but want to start building that intimate connection again. Sexting is the way to go!

Be creative with location when having sex after kids

I bedshare so our nice comfy king-sized bed is off limits for sex because at least one child is occupying it. Instead, we do it in the guest room, bathroom, kitchen, hallway. Wherever we can grab some quick alone time, even the playroom sometimes! 

One of the biggest reasons many people are super hesitant to share sleep with their kids is an antiquated notion that it will ruin your sex life. This always makes me scratch my head a little bit, beds are not the only place you can get it on.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have sex after childbirth

In many ways, my sex life with my husband has been the best it’s ever been since having kids. We are on a streak of having sex nearly every day for an entire month! Yeah… things have been quite steamy around here.

But it isn’t always like this. After having my twins I think we had sex like a handful of times that first year at most. There are a lot of reasons for this, but really a lot of came down to me not feeling ready.

If you push yourself to have sex when you don’t feel physically or emotionally ready, it is surely not going to be that enjoyable. Instead, focus on healing and tapping into your inner sex goddess on your own for a while. Then when you do reconnect in the bedroom, it’ll be way more orgasmic for you.

Find other ways to be intimate after having a baby

If you are in a phase of not having much sex after kids, try to find other ways to keep the intimacy between you and your partner.

Find time to hold hands, kiss, hug and cuddle. You’ll start to feel closer to each other, and a lot of times sex will naturally follow from there.

The point is to start feeling more connected to your parter no you’ll feel more comfortable hopping back in the sack, and to keep the connection between you strong when sex isn’t on the table, or just isn’t happening as often.

One idea would be to learn their love language so you can show them your affection in the way they can best receive it. So maybe hugs don’t do it for them, but doing the dishes for them does.

Schedule time together to avoid lack of intimacy after baby

This doesn’t sound too romantic, but it works! While my husband and I do have sex spontaneously sometimes, we also have a sex routine.

First, we have a weekly date night scheduled on the calendar where we go get dinner and drinks together, and that often leads to taking advantage of the tinted windows in our car to get a quickie in at the restaurant parking lot.

Then, we also have fallen into a routine that goes like this. The husband puts twins to bed while I write for the blog, then I take a shower, then our daughter goes to bed, and then it’s sex time. When we are in the routine of it, we can have sex after kids are in bed pretty often.

Just like forming any habit, you can get into the habit of getting laid.

Feel sexy again after kids by dressing up

So it turns out that a lot of our partners actually love our yoga pants. Seriously, and not to be rude, but I’ve seen you all strutting around Target in those tights… they look hot!

But what are you wearing underneath?

I have to admit that I really just want to wear granny panties every damn day. I now have one style of panty I LOVE, and so I bought 10 pair of them all in black. They are NOT super sexy, but they do just kind of blend in, and aren’t UNsexy.

When it’s date night though, I do my best to whip out those few pre-baby lacey undies still floating around my drawers. It’s partly because it might look sexier, but it’s also because I FEEL sexier when I wear sexy lingerie.

Pick something that makes you feel hot, and go with it whether it’s a thong or boyshorts.

It can feel a bit awkward at first if you are still getting used to your new mombod, and that’s ok. It might take time to embrace your new body, but you are still a sex goddess when you want to be, and if it helps you ease into feeling sexy again, treat yourself to something that feels hot and luxurious.

What are your ideas? Have any awesome tips for how to have more (and better) sex after kids? Share them in the comments!

Want More Sex After Kids? Try These 6 Awesome Tips.
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