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Two Shirt Method: How to Discreetly Breastfeed in Public

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Learning to breastfeed as a new mom can be challenging, and when it comes to breastfeeding in public, things can get awkward pretty quickly when you aren’t very experienced at it. But there is a super simple trick to low-key nursing in public, it’s called the two shirt method.

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I remember one of the first times I ever breastfed in public

It was at an NHL hockey game (go Flyers) while my father-in-law sat next to me about 2 inches away. To say it was a little uncomfortable would be an understatement.

There I was trying to be discreet with my newborn wrapped in a Moby wrap while she’s screaming her head off from hunger. My poor father-in-law was asking “can I help?” The poor guy didn’t know what the hell to do, and I’m not sure there was anything he could really do that wouldn’t have been awkward.

Did I mention I had these earmuffs on her head to protect her little ears from the noise, which inevitably fell off as soon as she got latched.

It was a mess!

Thankfully, after quite a few attempts I was able to find a comfortable position and she got her fill before passing out.

Since that first nearly failed attempt at breastfeeding in public, I’ve learned a thing or two. I’ve even mastered the art of tandem nursing my twins while in public! (My first try at that was a disaster too.)

The simplest and easiest way I’ve found to breastfeed in public without having to feel super exposed is the two shirt method.

Before I dive in, let me be really clear though…

If you want to just whip out a boob or two and go to town nursing without worrying about being discreet, PLEASE DO! The ONLY reason to be discreet is for your own comfort. Do what feels best for you and your baby, not anyone else.

That said, if you like to keep things on the down-low, the best method for discreetly breastfeeding in public is the two shirt method.

I even use this to tandem feed my twins.

All you do is wear a tank top (usually a nursing tank) under another shirt. So when you need to nurse you just pull up the top shirt, down the bottom, and latch baby on.

The only thing exposed is the area covered by your baby. Super discreet. Check out this picture.

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That’s it! The two shirt method, the easiest way to breastfeed in public discreetly. No need for covers, receiving blankets, or any other weird products I see floating around the interwebs. Just you, strategic clothing and your baby.

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