The Ultimate Self-Care Guide for Moms

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Everything you need to live your best momlife instead of constantly feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

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There is no other job in the world more demanding than being a mom. That’s why moms desperately need a self-care guide to stay healthy and sane.

Whether you are home full-time, work outside the home, or a mix of both, you’re probably exhausted and overwhelmed. That’s why we’ve packed all of what we’ve learned in this ultimate self-care guide for moms.

We give so much of ourselves to our kids, our partners, our jobs, and others, but rarely do we take the time to give back ourselves. The truth though? Our lack of focus on ourselves is why we are so exhausted and overwhelmed. Are there rough days, weeks, or even months in motherhood? Yes. But if you’ve been chronically exhausted for months or years, then something needs to change mama. This self-care guide is your map to start taking care of yourself so you can continue to be the rockstar mama you’ve been.

How to use this self-care guide:

You can read each article linked below individually, but to get the most juice from this guide, read them in order. And if you don’t have to dive into them all right now, you can just click here and I’ll send it all do you in PDF format so you can revisit when you have time. (My favorite reading time is when nursing babies or when I’m in the waiting room of my kid’s activities.)


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Ultimate Self-Care Guide for Moms Table of Contents

Part 1: What is Self-Care and Why is it Important

Part 2: What Self-Care Really Means for Moms

Part 3: 6 Types of Self-Care Moms Needs to Know About

Part 4: Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

Part 5: How to Put Yourself First

Part 6: Essential Steps to a Self-Care Practice for Busy Moms

Part 7: Simple Self-Care for Moms (My Self-Care Journey + Practical Self-Care Ideas)

 Part 8: Sleep. The Holy Grail of Self-Care for Moms. 

Part 9: Nourishing Your Body

Part 10: Self-Care Ideas from a Dad (and Self-Care Expert)

Part 11: Why is a Self-Care Checklist a Game-Changer?

Part 12: 8 Self-Care Articles Moms Need to Read

Part 13: 6 Self-Care Blogs for More Self-Care Ideas

Part 14: Perfect Self-Care Posts on IG for Inspiration


My Morning Routine with 3 Kids Under 5

I Can’t Do What I Used to Do Before Kids, and That’s OK

I’m Tired of Being a Stressed Out Mom

I’m That Mom Who Doesn’t Know How to Be Alone


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