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26 Best Mom Hacks to Make Momlife Easier

The BEST resource for learning how to totally rock momlife is the wisdom other moms learned in the school of hard knocks. So we are sharing 26 best mom hacks that real moms swear by.

Honestly, some of the tips and incredible mom hacks on this list totally blew our minds. Motherhood can be tough, but moms come up with the most genius ways to make motherhood just a little easier, and we are totally here for it.

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Let’s talk about mom hack FAQ’s before diving into the best mom life hacks

What is a mom hack?

A hack is just a shortcut or way of making a task easier. So a mom hack is a way for moms (or any parent or guardian) to make life a bit easier. Keep reading and you’ll see some great examples of mom hacks.

How do you simplify your life as a parent?

Minimalism, Marie Kondo, clearing clutter… these have all been trendy lately because we are all so desperate to simplify life. When you’re a parent, the greatest mom hacks are ones that help you simplify and bring more ease into your life. How you simplify will be personal to each person and each family, but start with your physical space. The fewer things to tidy and take care of, the less you have to do and the more time you can actually spend with your kids instead of just doing chores. I highly recommend this book as a way to start prioritizing what housework you should be doing. Not technically one of the mom hacks, but still necessary.

How do you organize your life with a baby?

Routines are key when you have a baby or kids. Focus on tweaking your baby’s natural routine to help create order in your life. This post goes deeper into routines with babies and kids. Seriously, routines are an essential mom hack that makes life so much easier, and I had to mention it for a list of mom hacks.

Try these time saving hacks for moms

  1. “I use scissors to cut messy foods like spaghetti or lasagna! Quick, easy, and my kids can do it too.” -Ayla W.
  2. “Taping bubble wands to something stationary so kids can dip independently without spilling all the bubbles out.” -Jennifer O
  3. “I do a reward system for potty training. But instead of candy I use elderberry gummies and the smarty pants vitamins. Most of the doses on these for kids call for multiple gummies so they get one gummy each bathroom trip as a reward. They think they’re getting candy but they get what they needed anyways 😜😆” -Lauren M
  4. “Lay out outfits the night before… for anything… school, appointments, anything…” -Jen B
  5. “Put your baby in a laundry basket or in a baby bath in the tub with you while you shower so you can keep an eye on them and bathe them at the same time.” -Jessica B
  6. Grocery delivery :)” -Suzi W
  7. “Microwave frozen tater tots or (already cooked) chicken nuggets for a couple of minutes then put them under the broiler in the oven. Cuts cooking time SO much and they’re still crispy.” -Jessica B
  8. “Light up toothbrushes to get young kids to brush their teeth (my son calls it a germ-killing lightsaber!)” -Claire C
  9. “Also invest in a couch cover. I cant even count how many bodily fluids, spilled milk or juice have landed on that couch. But with a cover you can just take it off and wash it!” -Claire C
  10. “Make things a game/race. Like putting toys away, peeing on the potty, eating, getting dressed… my kids love to “win” and for me to lose!” -Jessica B
  11. “Keep a potty chair in your car with pull-ups or puppy pads to catch the mess and extra bags. I’ve been to so many areas without a potty available and this just works! Especially when traveling.” -Judy D
  12. “The flaps on a onesie are so you can pull over the shoulders and down. Instead of pulling blowout onesies over babies head.” -Jessica W
  13. “When trying to bring down a fever, I give them a popsicle…in the bath. That way I can wash the mess away and cool them down at the same time.” -Jessica R W
  14. “Defiant toddler wears a clean shirt for the next day w pajama bottoms to bed. One less struggle when getting him ready for school.” -Elise H
  15. “If you need a cheap way to store breastmilk (or making your own baby food) ice cube = 1 ounce. Freeze your goodies and then put the cubes into a freezer bag with date 😊” -Tiffany A
  16. “Throw 1 load of laundry in a day to keep up on it. It’s easier to keep up on. And try to get all the dishes cleaned up every night its better to wake to a clean kitchen.” -Christianna E P
  17. “I have a lunch-making station. All the Tupperware is in the cabinet right above my head, and lunchboxes belong on the counter right there. After supper, leftovers go right into containers and into everyone’s lunchboxes. There’s even a special shelf in the fridge for our lunch boxes. Saves on loads of stress during busy mornings.” -Elizabeth E M
  18. “Air fryer works like a microwave for microwaveable snacks for kiddos but is toasty lol” -Grace V
  19. “The bead-up the nose trick. When toddler/child puts something up their nose and it gets stuck, instead of using tweezers or something that could harm the inside of their nose simply cover the clear/open nostril (the nostril with nothing in it) with your thumb and blow into their mouth (sealing your mouth over theirs to do so) the object lodged in the other nostril will pop right out! There are plenty of youtube videos on doing this and it doesn’t hurt your little one at all.” -Bobbie A
  20. “I use a q-tip to get boogies out! My son lets me do that and nothing else to get them out. Just a quick circle motion and done! 🤷🏻‍♀️” -Mindy P D
  21. “Tricking an infant/toddler into taking liquid medicine by slipping the syringe into the back of a sippy cup lid (standard syringes fit PERFECTLY into RePlay brand cup lids, available at Target)” -Kellyann P
  22. “Layer the crib mattress. Mattress protector, sheet, mattress protector, sheet. Helps with middle of the night leaks/spit up etc.” -Cayce P
  23. “Fabric glue on the bottom of socks so my son doesn’t slip on hardwood or tile floors.” Elizabeth W P
  24. “Adding Koolaid aid powder to their medicine to make it taste good.” -Mendy M
  25. “Played laundromat to get them to bring me clothes and pick them up and put them away and they pay me with pennies.” -Mendy M
  26. “Coconut oil on diaper rash kills bacteria and keeps it from becoming a yeast infection and help heal faster, put in hair to keep lice away, when they teeth, to stop thrush, and for breastfeeding moms helps keep the nips infection and bacteria-free while keeping them from cracking.” -Melissa H

Not gonna lie, I totally used some of these mom hacks and they worked like a charm! The mom hack of taping bubble wands to something stationary for kids saved so much bubble solution and tears last summer it had to go on the list of best mom hacks.

Mom hacks are the best! It’s YOUR turn now. Which mom hack are you going to try? You can’t read these mom hacks without itching to do them yourself.

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