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Feeling a little trapped in motherhood? Being a mom is the most rewarding role, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have an identity outside of our momlife. It’s hard, but mama, never give up on your dreams, even when it seems impossible.

Saying to never give up on your dreams is easier than doing it, but part of maintaining an identity of your own as a mom means having boundaries around what is important to you.

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I went to see Frozen 2 over the weekend with my daughter for her 5th birthday, and besides just being an all-around awesome movie, it has really hit me hard.

Without being too spoilery, one of the main points of the movie is Elsa learning about who she is and following a voice inside of her that keeps telling her to go “into the unknown.” There’s a feeling she has that is calling to her, and she has to make a choice whether to stay in her comfortable bubble or to strike out to find it, risking everything.

What if I could go into the unknown?

As much as I love being a mom, and writing about being a mom, I feel a call to do more. To be more. To pull something more out of myself that has long been dormant or perhaps never even explored.

I’ve been mulling over this idea of exploring my own unknown desires, passions, and purpose for a few days and then I watched a show called “Encore” on Disney Plus.

In this show, casts who performed musicals together in high school reunite to recreate the show many years later.

One of the episodes featured a stay-at-home mom who reprised her role as the title character in Annie. Playing Annie in high school was something this mom held onto as part of her. Something special, something she could hold onto even in the midst of motherhood.

It brought back memories of trying out for a community theater production of Annie when I was a little girl. I didn’t get the part, and that ended my attempts at musical theater.

I’m not a bad singer. I probably have a better voice than a lot of people, but I’m no Whitney Houston, either.

Though always wondered… What if I had tried harder? What if I had gotten voice lessons? What if I had gone for it instead of being deterred by one failure? What if someone would have told me to never give up on your dreams? Or even acknowledged that this kind of dream was ok to have.

I realized that I had given up on a dream before it even had a chance to really take root or get off the ground. And the kicker? While becoming a famous singer or actress would, of course, have been cool, that wasn’t even the dream.

The dream was just to sing. To perform. To be part of something creative.

And in this realization, I had to tell myself to now as a grown woman and a mother to never give up on your dreams.

Even if playing Annie on broadway isn’t a reality for me right now, just singing is definitely on the table. I can sing right now. As I type.

In fact, I even took a short typing break to belt out a few lines from the first Frozen that my daughter has blasting on our living room TV

Pursuing dreams as a mom

The first step in a dream is to actually allow that dream some space to breathe. Right now I can do my best Elsa impression and sing along with the TV, but what’s next?

How can I take one small step towards just seeing if the dream of singing is truly something that I need to pursue?

What are my options give that I don’t have unlimited resources to throw into something that is purely to scratch an itch for myself?

The answer to this one is pretty easy actually.

Every week I take my daughter to piano and singing classes. What if I just start taking voice lessons once a week, or even once every other week? What if I don’t even commit to going regularly, but see if I can just take one single class and try that on for size?

Thinking through these tiny steps makes it more realistic to never give up on your dreams.

What’s stopping you?

I could make some small steps towards my dreams happen. So the question then is, what’s stopping me? If I’ve decided it’s I want to live with the mantra to never give up on your dreams, why haven’t I taken the leap?

Ultimately it’s fear.

Trying something new can be scary. What if I embarrass myself? What if it is an epic fail?

Well, that’s the risk I’ll have to take, and everyone has to take if you decide to never give up on your dreams.

You have to risk failure.

In fact, failing is a good thing. If you never fail, it means you’re never trying.

It’s time to fail. To dream. To fail again. To dream some more.

Instead of staying stuck in the chaos of motherhood and never reaching for more for myself, I’m ready to take a chance. What about you? Ready to decide to never give up on your dreams? Let me know in the comments below.

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