If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all those tips for new moms on all the mom blogs, this is for you.

Here are 10 awesome blog posts from mom blogs I found to help you get started on your journey to becoming a new mama, with the best tips for new moms.

Learn the old wives’ tales for predicting if it’s a boy or girl

Even if you plan to keep your baby’s gender a surprise until birth, it’s fun to play with these old wives’ tales. I must admit, I’ve tried a few of them!

Read this post from Momma McGovern on 10 old wives’ tales for predicting gender.

Learn to relax

I used Hypnobabies to have a natural birth and can vouch first-hand for the power of relaxation during childbirth. It is so helpful in attaining whatever your birth goals are!

Bethany Dykman breaks down why you should learn how to relax while pregnant, one of the best tips for new moms, in this post on Strength Love Birth.

Prepare for witching hour

The witching hour. OMG. It’s so hard. But Laura Epstein from the Messy Bun Life shares some sanity-saving tips for new moms to survive the witching hour with a newborn.

Create a visual birth plan

If you want your birth team to have a super easy to reference document with your birth preferences clearly outlined, then consider a visual birth plan.

Check out one of the best posts from the mom blogs I’ve seen on creating a visual birth plan from Messy Buns and Mom Jeans.

Get registered

It’s only natural that on a list of mom blogs, we include this one right?

Amazon is our favorite place to get your baby registry started, and we talk all about why in this post. Plus, I walk you through a short video of how to navigate and add to your baby registry on Amazon.

(You can also head right over to Amazon to start your registry right now.)

Have a scheduled C-section?

Whether it’s your ideal birth or not, a C-section is a serious surgery, and it can be a bit intimidating, to say the least. But you can learn from mamas who have been there.

Read this post from Motherhood in May to prep. Learn the best ways to prepare for a scheduled C-section, what to expect during the procedure, and how to start healing afterward.

Start thinking about postpartum

If you’re like me, you didn’t really think much about postpartum until you were smack dab in the middle of it, which can be a super challenging time. Not a lot of people warn you about what to expect and how to cope.

Luckily, My Mom Crew was able to chat with an OB-GYN about warning signs when it comes to postpartum. In this post, they share what is totally normal during postpartum recovery and when to start to worry.

I love this one because a lot of mom blogs don’t have expert advice to lean on.

Sleep tips you don’t read on all mom blogs!

Babies don’t sleep.

Ok. They actually sleep a ton usually! It’s just not always at the times we want them to sleep, which leads to the mombie. You know, the overtired mom who barely functions because our brains have been hijacked by adorable tiny humans and sleep deprivation?

Check out this post from Mommy N’ More with some awesome and totally realistic tips on how to deal with newborn sleep.

Breastfeeding + Working

Breastfeeding is hard enough, but add working outside the home to the mix? That can get tough. I remember the days of sneaking out of meetings ASAP to relieve some pressure.

But with a plan and the right tools it is absolutely doable. After successfully pumping at work for over a year with my first, I can say I love these tips from This Mom Life, and think they are essential tips for new moms at work.

All the newborn tips

When you become a new mom and finally bring that baby home, you will start asking questions you never ever thought of before.

Hopefully, these awesome 21 newborn tips from Real Mom Recs will get you ahead of the game.

No matter how many mom blogs you read, you are never fully prepared to become a new mom. But hopefully, these tips from new moms in these awesome posts will help ease the transition just a little.

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Must-read posts for first-time moms and expecting moms. There is so much to learn before baby arrives, and we\'ve curated 10 blog posts from mom blogs that will help you hit some of those areas you either didn\'t think of or may have missed some of the advice in these articles from other moms. Preparing for new baby is so overwhelming sometimes, and these posts will help you get clear on some of your priorities during your pregnancy. #firsttimemom #momblogs #newbaby #pregnancy #postpartum #momlife