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It might be hard to even feel comfortable in your body, let alone love your body, when you’ve had kids.

I remember being afraid to even touch my vagina for a while after my births because I was worried about what I would find, let alone how I cringed at my stretch marks and extra skin. But over time, I did learn to love my body.

Here are eight reasons to embrace and love your body postpartum, even if you don’t have that lovin’ feeling right now

It created, grew, and birthed your babies

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first, ok?

We know our bodies created our babies, was there home for around nine months, and then gave birth to them… but how often do you really think about how much of a miracle that is?

So often we are caught up in getting our pre-baby bodies back, as if we somehow misplaced it, that we don’t properly honor the magic created.

The next time you feel a little down on yourself and the way your body looks or feels now, take a minute to just let it sink in how amazing you and your body really are for what you went through.

Your postpartum body is the perfect comfort for your babies (or older children too!)

Squishy postpartum bodies are the best places to nap and cuddle according to every baby I’ve ever surveyed.

And even if you’re skinny, your baby knows your smell. The feel of your skin. The way you move.

Your body didn’t stop being home to them the second they popped out of the womb. It is still home to them.

It’s sexy AF

The results are in, and even though WE might be super self-conscious about our postpartum bodies, our partners LOVE them.

As a bit of anecdotal evidence, I asked my husband what he thinks about my body since having kids and he simply replied: “It’s fucking hot.”

It’s not just him either, though I do think he’s *quite* special in his own way, he is absolutely not on this one. Pretty much all dudes surveyed said the still find their wives super hot, and many even more than before!

Your body is a walking history of your growth as a person

I can still look at my knee and see the scar from a bike accident I had in middle school.

I don’t judge myself for that mark of perfect imperfection that carries with it memories of times otherwise forgotten. So why would I judge myself for some extra squishiness and stretch marks from having babies? Certainly having kids is a much more rewarding piece of my history than a silly bike mishap.

Our body carries our history. The transformation that has taken place in our body is just a physical manifestation of the deeper transformations that happened to our souls when we became moms.

It’s the only one you get

Just go ahead and love your body because the truth is, it’s the only one you get.

No matter how you feel about the way your body functions or looks now, there isn’t some standby waiting in the wings. You can trade this body in. Even with plastic surgery, there are limits to how much you can change your body.

This isn’t to say you can’t make changes to it, or that it’s wrong to desire to look differently. We all wish we could change something about ourselves. We aren’t perfect. No one is.

But I’d suggest figuring out how to make peace and love your body because it’s what you have. The other option is to live the rest of your life hating yourself.

Sex is better after having kids

Yeah it’s true you might not feel like having sex for a while after having a baby, and most couples have less sex after kids… but the sex you DO have is awesome.

Hard to believe, but most people surveyed said sex was just as good or even better after having kids.

I was surprised to find that this is true in my life too! Maybe it’s because having less sex makes you appreciate what you DO have, but it definitely improves.

Superhuman mom strength

Mom muscles are legit.

Lifting those babies and kids around all day means that you start to get really strong.

I don’t work out on a regular basis, but I’m in better shape than I was in my 20’s! Mostly it’s just from chasing after these wildlings and carrying them around from dawn to dusk and sometimes all damn night too.

It’s so normal to feel uncomfortable with your new postpartum body whether it’s been hours or years since you gave birth. But it is possible to love your body after having babies, and I hope these are great reminders on why.

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8 Reasons to Love Your Body Postpartum