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Maybe we’ve just seen Hocus Pocus one too many times, but tons of millennial moms are learning to channel their inner Witch.

A lot of moms are tapping into that inner Witch power without even realizing it. Perhaps it’s partly an aesthetic choice (cause witchy vibes look cool) and partly a desire to return to more natural and simple ways of life, but a lot of trends have somewhat witchy roots.

Let’s talk about 3 ways moms can embrace their inner Witch, and perhaps even are without knowing it.

Essential Oils

Everyone and their mother are using essential oils to some degree at this point, right? Whether you’re selling them as part of an MLM or not, chances are you’ve at least dabbled or know someone who has dabbled in using essential oils.

Essential oils, herbalism, and using natural remedies for healing are super witchy.

Back in the day, many “witches” were really wise women and local healers. Here in my local area of central Pennsylvania, there was an entire form of folk magick that was mostly used as remedies to heal ailments for humans and even livestock.

Those who used this folk magick were even Christian and invoked God and Jesus to aid in healing along with poultices, herbs, incantations and more.

There’s always that mom or two in your favorite Facebook mom group who tells you to dump some blend of essential oils on whatever ailment your kid has… and hey, sometimes they are spot on, right? These natural healing remedies can work wonders.

But it isn’t just a matter of using them to avoid introducing more chemicals into your life, there are millions of moms across the globe using essential oils for basically a light form of spellcraft right now.

Have you ever used one of those blends labeled something like “Abundance” or “Release” or “Magnify Your Purpose?” That’s a combo of oils from herbs that have historical significance or a history of being used to promote certain qualities, like abundance.

That mix of oils was created with a specific intention and now you are using that oil with a specific intention when you dab it on with your rollerball or drop it in the diffuser.

Using your intent and will to bring about a desired result is at its base, a spell.


This is a huge generalization, but many Witches are on their path at least in part because they are committed to personal development.

While channeling your inner Witch can include leaning into using herbs and natural remedies, taking part in ritual, and crafting spells, it can also be with a major focus on deepening the relationship you have with yourself.

In fact, it can be argued that personal development and becoming more comfortable with yourself is essential in becoming a Witch.

Doing spellwork requires concentration and sometimes the ability to tap into different states of consciousness as many people do via meditation. This isn’t possible without a desire and ability to deal with a lot of internal stuff that can come up.

Shadow work is an essential piece of many witches’ practice.

Carl Jung, an early psychologist, brought the idea of the shadow and shadow work to the forefront.

The idea is that there are parts of us that are hidden, our shadow, aka our subconscious. Unless we can look at the parts of us that are in shadow and accept them, then we won’t ever be totally whole.

While the word “shadow” sounds dark, this could even include positive and good things that just aren’t in our consciousness or part of what we see about ourselves.

We all have blind spots, we all have a shadow. Shadow work is how we can grow our personal power and sovereignty, which is usually a pretty important thing to most witches.

You’ve probably heard of a spellbook, a grimoire, a book of shadows, or some variation thereof.

There is a distinction between many different names that witches call the different journals they keep, but many witches keep some form of journal where they keep track of their feelings, thoughts, and what they are working on as far as their personal development beyond just spells.

Journaling is where a lot of shadow work happens.

If you’ve never tried it, I seriously recommend picking up the practice of journaling.

You can start just by sitting down for five minutes every day and free write.

Don’t judge what you are writing. It doesn’t matter if it makes sense. Just do it. After a few minutes, you’ll find that something starts to flow, and whatever comes up will be telling of what you might want to focus on in your personal development or shadow work.

I love to recommend journaling for moms because usually…. we have a lot of feelings.

Motherhood is a time of massive change and it can be hard to navigate those changes. Journaling is a way to get it all out so you don’t drown in the waves of feels that can come over you. Sometimes embracing that inner witch can help you get through motherhood.


Reconnect with Nature

Making distinctions between forms of witchcraft and earth-based religions would be an entire post in and of itself, but one thing most have in common is a focus on nature.

While I AM going to suggest you get your butt out into nature and outdoors because it’s good for you, this goes beyond just taking a walk outside every day.

Many Witches follow the Wheel of the Year. This is a collection of holidays and festivals that take place throughout the year and are generally tied to seasons, changing of seasons, harvest times, etc.

You don’t need to learn all of the different holidays if that doesn’t interest you, but you can adopt a similar way of following the seasons to help you reconnect with nature.

A lot of Pagan traditions were swallowed up by the rise of Christianity and western culture in general, so chances are you if you’re in the west or Christian, you are already following some traditions without knowing it.

Though what I’m trying to get at here is not so much about adopting Pagan traditions into your life as getting the spirit of what the Wheel of the Year is about.

How do the seasons make you feel?

What does the end of the summer mean to you? What does autumn represent? How can you explore your own psyche and grow through contemplating the beautiful changes in leaves during fall at the same time contemplating how their change also means their death as they fall from the trees.

What about winter? How do you physically feel? Should you embrace hibernating? Instead of pushing yourself to live just as you did when the days were longer, can you take something off your plate so you have more quiet and introspective time during the winter?

Instead of fighting the changes in seasons how can you embrace them?

You know that feeling you get when you stand at the edge of the ocean or look up at the night sky? And you feel simultaneously tiny and huge because you are part of that giant expanse? You can FEEL your connection to it and all the things in existence? (It’s not just me, right?)

Taking the time to truly connect to nature, not just in a day-to-day way, but also in the changes it goes through can help us make sense of our chaotic world that is so based on technology and business instead of nature and intuition. Infusing more nature-focused activities and thought can reconnect us with a place inside use we might have forgotten.

We can also pass this down to our kids too by showing them how to tap into that inner knowing they have and how it intertwines with nature. Do this by getting out in the woods and into nature as often as possible, and maybe even consider something like forest school.

What do you think? Ready to embrace your inner Witch? Are you already doing any of these things? Let me know in the comments!

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3 Ways Moms Can Embrace Their Inner Witch