I’ve been giving some thought to why some mom entrepreneurs are struggling with online marketing, why the term “mompreneur” gets a bad rep, and how we can bust some the myths floating around out there about mom entrepreneurs.

Ready for me to get a little ranty??? Yeah?! Good. Cause I want to start with a bit of a rant.

If I hear one more mompreneur stereotype thrown at me, I will go full on mean mommy on someone.

I’m going to take a minute to dispel two of the those myths, and talk about how we need to crush them by getting our marketing game in better shape with Facebook on Fleek Week.

1. Mompreneurs just sit around all day relaxing and playing with their kids.

Ummm… excuse me? Not only am I working full time, but I use my few breaks during that time to do things like change poop diapers.

We are simultaneously doing two jobs at once, and our days are busy AF!

2. We don’t have a “real” job.


If raising the next generation of human beings isn’t a real job, then neither is your corporate job, okay?

Not to mention that owning your own business means you not only have to deal with the usual aspects of a job, but you are also your own HR, IT, and Custodial department, am I right?

The issue I’ve found though is that we seem to perpetuate these myths ourselves sometimes.

Now I’m not suggesting you totally stop posting those cute selfies of yourself working out, doing your makeup, or playing with the kids. That’s part of your life, and it should be shared!

But as mompreneurs… we have a bit of a marketing problem.

The solution is, you guessed it, better marketing.

First, we need to streamline and strategize our workload. Instead of just randomly posting on Facebook and praying that the algorithm gods smile on us that day, we need clear strategies that work and save time. So we can actually have time to focus on our business AND our family.

Second, we can’t keep going with these old strategies we’ve been taught. Ya know, DMing people, friending people we don’t really want to be friends with, generally spamming our friends, etc.

That does NOT show that you’re an expert in your field, and it certainly doesn’t inspire the know/like/trust factor that is essential to growing a loyal group of customers (not just followers).

Believe me, I get it. Perhaps you were taught to market a certain way by your upline, or on a webinar, or maybe you see what everyone else is doing and figure it must work for them.

No. No. No.

(Sorry not sorry for the tough love.)

So, are you ready to shift the old mompreneur paradigm and get serious about your Facebook marketing?

Get the marketing strategies that are working right now on social media, and help me kill these mompreneur myths.

Let\'s bust some myths about what it means to be a mompreneur. It\'s not all cupcakes and rainbows... There are some of the biggest myths about being a mompreneur.